So, I have a page dedicated to prayer and healing, but today deems extra attention. Our friends have just received a diagnoses for their child. They have been looking for answers for over a year, and now have one that isn’t the best.

How can we ever put ourselves in another’s situation? Try walking a mile in their moccasins, as the Native Americans say? We can feel compassion, sadness, loss, anger, but they are from our memory track of experiences. I think a better use of our time and energy is to help create a positive vision for the future.

We in the “alternative” fields of healing see and hear about all kinds of spontaneous healing, miracles and magic. Not easily explained, not easily studied: it’s off the grid, but happens. Believe in magic for Zoe.

Take a few minutes today, sit quietly, inhale deeply and as you exhale, feel all the cares and worries leave your body and mind. Create a picture in your mind, or a feeling sense, of the most beautiful thing you can think of at this moment. Hold this feeling of warmth, joy and love for a few breaths, then send it out to Zoe’s healing and progression. See her as more than her illness, she is a divine being! Finally, let this feeling of beauty fill you up, and send it out to all beings.

From the most balanced place within me, to the most balanced place within you,


To read more about Zoe:


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