Yogi Neti

Because of Todd’s comment, (hi Todd), I will explain why I, personally, neti. Besides the obvious: as I got older, I developed some sensitivities. Not sure if they’re allergies, but…Spring and Fall, sneezing and runny nose.
And, nothing clears out a cold quicker.
But, the real reason I started to neti, is because my teachers told me to. I’m pretty brave when it comes to testing out things on the body, (within reason), so I gave it a try.

The yogis, as I mentioned, have been doing this, and other body cleansing practices for literally thousands of years. I’ll never forget those print offs from my yoga teacher training: my mind had the intitial reaction that I’m sure everyone has….”What the…? What are they doing?”
Water and string in their noses? Down the throat? What?!? But, it’s like this…..most of us get up every morning and have a routine, brush your teeth, take a shower, etc. Cleansing. This is just on an internal level. A little different. Once you make it a habit, it isn’t strange any more, it’s just something you do.

The reason is two-fold for them: preventative medicine and clearing the internal channels for prana to flow. So, physically, if you remove the excess build-up of mucus, the body doesn’t get overloaded and you can breathe better, and get sick less. And, on another level, which really is preventative too, we’re clearing the way for our internal energy, prana. Prana can be interpreted as our life force, chi, or ki. The idea is that it moves through channels of the body called nadis, similar to the idea of meridians in Chinese Medicine. Think of it like a river moving through your body. If there are blockages by fallen trees or big boulders, the river can’t flow well, or at all. Neti and other cleansing practices open the way for more free flowing prana! Holding on to more life force on a day to day basis…..priceless! 🙂


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