It’s the Pits…

It’s been 12 years since I started massage school, and ever since then, I have heard of the dangers of deodorant. The main problem being the aluminum in it that blocks the odors, and may be linked to Alzheimer’s. Off and on, over that time, I have experimented with every kind of natural alternative to the antiperspirants. The natural crystals, Tom’s of Maine, Herbal Clear, Nature’s Gate, and most recently, a product called Lavilin, which claims to keep you odor free for up to 7 days! I have gone back and forth to a “regular” deodorant, tried a natural one, etc. But, about 7 months ago, as I went in to get one, I noticed an FDA warning on them! On deodorant. It is a warning about the dangers of excessive aluminum on the kidneys. It is for people with renal disease, I now know, but didn’t when I saw the warning label. Still, they are now openly recognizing the problem.

There has also been some ideas about deodorants causing breast cancer, though none of the Cancer institutes claim it. I think the thing to think about here, is:
1. Antiperspirants block what is trying to escape, toxins. If you block that up, it has to go back into the body, right at the lymph nodes under the arms.
2. All the aluminum and other nasties in these deodorants, like parabens, are being absorbed into the body every day, and may accumulate.

So, what are we to do? We couldn’t smell… No one wants to be the smelly kid.
Here’s a little run down of some alternatives. Some work better than others. Some, not at all, in my experience!

1. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant-Unscented. What I’m using now. Works well, no purfumey fragrance.

2. Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend. My second favorite, has Certified Organic Botanicals. I like the Orange Patchouli.

3. Tom’s of Maine. Nice fragrances like Lavender.

4. Herbal Clear Naturally-Sport. Smells the most like a regular deodorant, with Lichen, Tea Tree and Vitamin E. The Lichen inhibits bacteria. This one is also alcohol free.

5. Lavilin. Supposedly works for up to 7 days, even through bathing. You are supposed to be any other deodorant free for 48 hours first, then use it. This did not work at all, and actually gave me a weird odor. (I read online that they reformulated it, maybe it was better before)

6. Spray bottle of water and essential oils like lavender and tea tree, and also baking soda. Works for a bit.

7. Addidas makes one with Cotton Tech and Pure Lightness that it seems a lot of reviewers like, I haven’t tried this one yet, but plan to.

With most of these, if you eat food that comes out of your pores, or work or exercise hard, you will have to wash and reapply. Experiment for yourself, you’re worth it!


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