Meditation Cuts Depression, Anxiety, Pain

As a long time meditator, I personally know how beneficial the practice of meditation can be. For thousands of years, meditation has been touted as “the way”. This path guides us to inner peace, well-being, detachment, and clear, intuitive seeing.Through meditation, the final goal of yoga: bliss, union, happiness is achieved.

Now, modern science is confirming the physical benefits as well. There have been many studies in recent years showing how meditation can reduce the effects of depression, anxiety, and pain in the body, sometimes up to 50%! This study, describes how it works in the brain.

In an effort to grow the opportunities to practice meditation, I would like to invite you to get the Insight TimerIt is an app for your iPhone, Android, iPad that allows you to time your practice, connect with others and even journal. I ponied up the $1.99 for the upgraded version, but used the free version for quite some time, and it works great.

If we give ourselves even 5 minutes of timed practice, we can allow this positive habit to form. If you join, please connect with me via the Insight Connect feature, where we can encourage each other and grow our Meditation Sangha, (like-minded community)!

And, contact me for in person practice times and places.

Om Shanti Namaste


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