As we wait for Spring to shine her beauty on us here in chilly MI, it is difficult to not become anxious and lose patience with the flip-flop of warming up, than waking up to snow flakes, sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. We all joke that this is what it’s like here, but it still doesn’t make it easier on the mood!
Goswami Kriyananda, my spiritual teacher and the founder of The Temple of Kriya Yoga, says that we need to understand the flow of nature. These rhythms can be difficult to follow. Patience is needed and recognizing our own inner nature. How can we support ourselves in these times? To honor what we deeply need?

Taking a few moments of quiet inner reflection usually helps me. Take a few minutes to sit up, ground both feet on the floor, close your eyes, center in on breath. Then, gently ask yourself, “What is it that I need/want at this time?” Let the answer come without force. Ask a few times, just allow the answer to float up.

You can also try longer, formal meditation sessions and/or restorative yoga sessions. What are some of the ways you find patience?



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