Happy 4th of July! To me, freedom allows me to be who I am: a woman, educated, self-sufficient, self-employed, massage and yoga therapist who chooses to pursue her dreams and passions and share them with others.

I have/have had family in the military, and while I wouldn’t choose that path, I honor and thank those who have made it their choice to serve.

In honor of that, I am a supporter of <a href="<a href="“>”>Yoga for Vets, and offer 4 free yoga classes to service members, active or past duty.

Yoga has been shown to help reduce symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and allow for more focused attention.

So, please come in or pass this along if you know someone who may receive benefit!


One thought on “Freedom

  1. Yes!! Yoga and meditation are such a powerful tools to combat PTSD, not to mention a good balance for all those years of building muscle!

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