Healing and Prayer Circle

This is a page of healing and prayer for all faiths and religions.  This page is a place for you to submit your name or names of other people in need of prayer, healing and community.  Take time as you have it to offer up a prayer, send energy/Reiki,  for all.

Use the Contact Me page to submit your prayer request. You can add a brief description, if you’d like, on the reason for the request. (Please note, I may edit for space and anonymity.)

In the spirit of the Kriya yoga lineage, of which I am a part, I will offer this gentle prayer for you to use/modify, if you need one:

Oh Great Spirit, Saints and Sages of all religions, Oh Holy Kriya Lineage, if there a more gentle way to balance, heal, etc, the current situation, illness, etc., please bring that into his/her life swiftly, surely and harmoniously. May all beings have peace, joy and love.    OM Shanti Shanti Shanti (Peace)


“Please offer a prayer for my friend Shirley for physical and spiritual healing; also for myself (Barb) … for emotional healing, peace, patience and joy. Thank you!”

Karen G. is in recovery after donating her kidney, and deeply deserving of our prayers and love as she donated to help someone she had never even met. A truly amazing gift!

Geary R.

Prayer for SSG J. Pesci US Army for personal peace and healing

Mark Pesci


Shakti and her mom

Depression/Anxiety Support group

Women’s Support group

Dental Hygienist, her son in Cuba, her daughter in law in Afghanistan, her youngest son going into Marine Boot Camp

N, for healing, centering, grounding

C & A for balance

Mike and Joyce Zrnich, for understanding and acceptance

R, physical balance and stability

R, Cancer

Student, RA

Student, Depression

Prayers for Gail,  sister in the hospital

Thomas Downey. He just got out of the hospital after eight days due to hypertension. He is feeling very low. He does not know what is going to happen in his life where he is going or what he needs to do. He has also lost his connection with spirit/god. He doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

He has an unexplained fever, may be pneumonia. William R.