Epidemic? Pandemic? Just the Flu?

Ok, I realize this post may incite people, but…. I try to look at all sides of things. I choose not to get a flu shot, never had one, in fact.
1. I hate shots.
2. I only go to the doctor in extreme situations.
3. I am skeptical about what is in them. I love my country, don’t get me wrong. I love my freedom. But, the government is not without shady behaviors. There are known experiments on soldiers of psychedelics and worse. I become nervous when it is mass hysteria and fear-based rhetoric.
4. I would rather let my bodies own natural defenses fight something off to develop it’s own immunity.

This is not to say the flu shot isn’t good for some people, maybe many people. Just not for me now. I am thankful that that is my American freedom. I hope it stays that way.

Sent by my friend Carrie, here’s an article called, “Does the Vaccine Matter?” Rather long, but very informative:

I love having choice.