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Why Circle?

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This photo by Leonie Dawson sparked my intuition to create a circle of women. I feel I was somehow called for this journey. To bring together a group of women to travel a year together, learning, sharing, practicing through creativity, yoga, meditation, freeing and expanding energy, resting, and playing joyfully.

A few years ago, I participated in a creative circle of women in Ann Arbor and I loved it. I wanted to create something similar, but utilizing tools I can share. When I began to put it together, I knew my good friend Erin Moss was the perfect person to collaborate with on it.

This will be an exploration of deep, true self. A gift of space to belong, unite, and enliven the spirit. I can’t wait! I hope you join us.


Meditative Prayer Circle

I’d like to share the Meditative Healing and Prayer Circle page from the top of my blog. Click HERE to access it.

I do a meditative prayer every Thursday. Sometimes, it is with the moon the night before, sometimes it is morning or afternoon. Please feel free to message me to add your name to the list, which I can do anonymously as well.

If you would like, as you read down the list, please send positive thoughts out too.

Thank you.