How to Neti

Neti is so great for this time of the year for many reasons: preventing flu/colds, lessening the severity of said colds, and allergies, and cleansing. Some doctors are prescribing a saline wash for people who work in allergy-producing environments. In cold, dry weather, I used to get bloody noses…not any more!

What I hear most often is the fear people have of water in their nose. Believe me, I COMPLETELY understand. I don’t even like to go under water! But, given about a week, you will get used to the gentle feeling, and be clear and breathing more freely.

One contraindication for using a Neti pot is having a deviated septum; the water just won’t go through to the other side. Utilizing a saline wash bottle will be effective.

1. Prepare the Neti pot with warm, not hot or cold, water. Add saline pack or measured sea salt.

2. Lean head to side over the sink. Open mouth and begin to breathe in and out through the mouth.

3. Insert tube of Neti pot into the most open nostril, tilt pot and let the water flow. Pour about half of the contents into one side. Turn head opposite, then pour the rest of the water through.

Gently blow nose, clearing it of all water. If your sinuses tend toward dryness, you can oil the nasal passages with a premade oil called nasya.
Try this one from Banyan Botanicals:
If not available, you can use any natural oil like sesame or olive.

How often to Neti:
The yogis suggest once a day in the morning. If your have a cold or allergies, you can do it twice a day or more.