In Monday’s meditation, we talked about connection, contentment, and gratitude. Santosha is one of the limbs of Yoga that means contentment. And, I believe connection and gratitude are both a product of and a means to feeling content.

If we pause in the present moment and feel gratitude for one thing in our life, we feel connected to that thing, be it a person, situation, or idea of how things are; and that equates to feeling content with our lives as they are. Maybe not perfect, probably not perfect, as that is a very limited view of things. Perfection is just our idea of how we think things should be based on past patterning of the mind. The only perfect thing is what is happening in the moment, this is where we are, who we are, and what we’ve created our life to be.

This moment. Pause. Feel gratitude. Connect. Be content.


Cultivating Gratitude

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you may have heard the words, “Take this feeling of yoga off the mat, and share it with those you surround yourself with.” Or, “Off the mat, and into the world.”

There is always the idea of spreading around the joy, good feelings and wisdom. I think gratitude is a choice. You can choose to follow the mind’s pull toward wanting more, or you can choose have contentment. In yogic terms: one of the kleshas, (mind’s afflictions), the mind’s attachment (raga) toward what is pleasurable, while having an aversion (Dvesha) from what is painful. Thus, you can choose Santosha, or contentment instead.

Not looking behind us to the past, or to the future, but living in the now of what we have. Then, sharing those good feelings. As you radiate your center of gratitude, others will feel it too. Maybe they will pay it forward.

Find at least ONE thing in your life to be thankful for every day.
Happy Thanksgiving.